Originally from Atlanta I’m often mistaken for a Californian, with a southerners penchant for story telling. After my formative years in Georgia, I migrated south to St. Augustine and attended Flagler College where I studied graphic design and majored in surfing. After college and an enlightening year-long tour around the globe, I settled in Atlanta to pursue my career as a graphic designer. A year later the call of the ocean beckoned me back to Florida, where I worked for a few advertising agencies before ultimately starting my own. With more than 12 years of award-winning work as a “traditional” agency, in 2012 I joined with Andrew Bugsby to establish HEYDAY as the go-to source for branding and creative problem solving.

As the son of a design engineer, I tend to blend an engineering mindset into my creative work. I’m methodical, pragmatic, and obsessive, without abandoning the eye for beautiful design that I’ve gained from 16+ years of branding experience. This means I can roll up my sleeves, get my head under the hood, and dive into the details, while my entrepreneurial side allows me to take an aerial view of projects and see the “bigger picture.”

Sir Winston Churchill, when speaking about his former government colleague (Ex British Prime Minister) David Lloyd George, seems to describe the way my mind works:

“His eye ranged ahead of the obvious. He was always hunting in the field beyond. I have often heard people come to him with a plan, and he would say: “That is all right, but what happens when we get over the bridge? What do we do then?”

People come to me needing to improve their branding or solve a marketing problem, and my brain is already thinking “ok, what next?” “where are you going after that?” It’s a gift… and a curse.

While helping other people’s ideas and dreams come to fruition is rewarding, I also have a huge entrepreneurial streak. Again, this enables me to grasp the inner-workings of a brand and solve problems not typically associated with “branding.” It also keeps me interested in many different subjects, as well as my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

This site is my outlet for those endeavors, as well as a catch-all for my photography, design, and occasional thoughts (or rants) on the business of branding.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my wife and daughter, surfing, filling up hard drives with said photography and riding–wrenching–riding my 1977 home-built Harley.